Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Tsotsi" and Sudden Magic Baby Syndrome

Jessi, I say- you've seen one redemptive tale of impoverished ghetto life in South Africa- you've seen them all! I am being facetious here- but I was moved more strongly by “City of God' set in the Brazilian slums in that it was equally stylized with a more dramatic, less forced story.(Although it’s follow-up based on the spin-off Brazilian series “City of Men” was less thrilling) I'm glad the main character in Tsotsi was able to open like a flower- but since (spoiler) he gunned down the mother why should I care? This might be my own personal baggage since I lost a family member in a random bit of street violence- but am I to truly believe that this man comes around due to a baby which he most likely would have killed as well? If so perhaps all gangs should be given these magic babies. Let's turn this one over to the Johannesburg Lifetime channel. I know that sounds cynical but films like these either grab you or repel you.

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